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Classique Herbs Corporation is a networking company primarily engaged inthe distribution of food supplements, beverages, personal care products &household products using mostly indigenous herbs. It was organized by a dynamic, motivated and experienced group of peoplewho are very eager to provide high quality products to consumers as well asoffer the best income potentials for those who may wish to join our business. Our company offers a line of quality products from body, skin and hair care tofood supplements that are drawn from the best botanical sources.Established on June 2002, our wealth of experience inspired and motivatedus to continually develop and introduce high class, innovative and yetaffordable products, giving us an edge to compete locally and internationallyas well. Our comprehensive marketing plan offers an attractive and lucrativecompensation package that is distinctively unique making it incomparablefrom the rest. We aim to give our distributors the maximum benefits they can get andchallenge their own potential to aspire for more. We wish to elevate people'sawareness and consciousness to the beauty of natural and healthy living. Come. Be a partner...and Discover & Experience a New Way to improve Health...to Improve Life... Naturally.

Corporate Values

Customer serviceDelivery of effective and timely service go beyond to both internal and external customers. Dedication and CommitmentThe vision to dream, the passion to plan and the zeal to accomplish and exceed expectations. ExcellenceProduct quality matched with efficay. TeamworkUnity in diversity with a single-mindedness and whole heartedness in the midst of adversity. IntegrityPrinciple-driven, service oriented, strength in character and motivated by the truth and honor.


♦ To enrich lives with specialized product lines, whether they are used therapeutically, in beauty treatments, for personal hygiene or for personal satisfaction. ♦ To promote products through the time-tested Networking Principles and contribute to the betterment of the system and the industry. ♦ To enhance the Quality of Life and uphold the immeasurable Value of Good Health.


♦To be the top and most efficient player in the MLM Industry in the Philippines and a major force in the global market as well.


BFAD License to Operate and Certifications

BFAD License to Operate as Food Distributor

BFAD License to Operate as Cosmetic Trader

Food Supplements
Agaricus CapsuleFruit Enzyme ConcentrateGlutathioneOptiberry PlusNatures Herbs Tonic DrinkNatures Herbs Tonic PlusJoint ConnectionVitamin C 30 capVitamin C 60 CapOcean MineralsBio Green Plus Sachet BoxBio Green Plus in Canister

LongeviteaAmpalaya TeaTsokolatte con AgaricusBaracco Con AgaricusBeta D-Glucan Functional Drink
Personal Care

Herbal SoapsBlanche LotionLauat Saponin ShampooHair Conditioner with collagenCrystal Glow Toothpaste

Classiqueherbs: Marketing Plan

Classiqueherbs: Marketing Plan

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CLASSIQUE HERBS CORPORATION Whether its our recognized Agaricus Blazei Murill products, other nutritional and herbal products, beverages or distinctive line of beauty and personal care products, Classique Herbs Corporation brings the same CLASS & UNIQUENESS to everything the company produce. Preceeded by a whirlwind of useful experience, several of its incorporators were inspired to undertake an enterprise. A business that provides a distinctive way of distributing effective and quality, natural products. Spearheaded by Lilian Co, Cora De Vera and Jaysrel Corpus. Classique Herbs Corporation is a company managed by people to help people reach for their dreams. Significantly, after seven years of blossoming, Classique Herbs has instinctively established its stable position in the industry.